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Learn Practical Ways to Practice and Improve on Classical Guitar.

Allen Mathews
Allen Mathews, owner/teacher

What if there was a proven formula you could use to learn classical guitar pieces easily?

  • Learn new piece in days instead of weeks?  Completely doable.
  • Get music up to performance level without months of tinkering?  Absolutely.
  • Smooth out the rough spots without breaking a sweat?  It's happening.

Contrary to what you may think, there are repeatable formulas to learn classical guitar more quickly and easily.  They're not complicated, but they are hard to find.

These methods are rarely taught in schools, even though many of the best musicians throughout history have used them.

My name is Allen Mathews. The CGS team and I work to bring you practical, useful tips and strategies to learn classical guitar.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: We research, study and test everything we can find.

Step 2:  You get the best formulas.

For example, this 7-step process of learning pieces has completely changed thousands of people's practice for the better.

Simple as it is, it works every time.

You can use it to learn new music, memorize tunes, or troubleshoot tricky spots. It works with music notation or TAB, at whatever level you currently play.

Here's what people are saying:

"Hi Allen, It amazes me how good and precise your teachings are. The best thing I ever did was to download your guide and to listen to your videos. The enjoyment I now have from playing is ten-fold. Thanks!"

Tony Christopher
"My 16 year old grandson wanted to play Honor Him from the Gladiator movie. We went through the 7 steps. He is very pleased and understands the simplicity of it. This is his first sheet music on guitar and he will take it with him all the days of his life. This system works and his success proves it. Thank you."Leonard Chamberlain
"Sir, I just learned your 7 step process and I really like the simple, direct manner. I’ve played guitar for many years and can read the music – but this is the first time I have seen an organized approach to learning. Thank you!!Daniel Dickey

One of the best parts of this learning tool is that it's so easy to remember and use.

Other tricks and formulas can make guitar practice more effective, too.  But they only work when we use them.

Our job is to find what works and share it with you.  It's what we do.

Every week we share something we've found that works.

Click the button below, and we'll send you the 7-Step-Formula ebook, a reminder cheat-sheet, and free bonus videos.  Then we'll share more as the adventure unfolds.

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