Resources for Beginning Guitarists

As a beginner, one of your biggest threats is overwhelm.  There is a ton of information, but you only need a small slice of it to get started.  This page will help you focus on what matters most now.

There are different areas of learning guitar.  Two broad categories are:

  1. head knowledge and concepts
  2. hands-on activity

You need both head-learning and hand-learning.  But the hands-on practice is the most important for you now.  Too much abstract theory and strategy, and your chances of success go down (and overwhelm goes up).  You need to keep your hands on the guitar as much as possible, so you gain momentum.

To begin, click here for The Beginner Toolbox.  This page will give you a few short lessons, and show you exactly what to practice and how to practice it.  And you’ll also find a 15-minute guided practice.

And in the list below, you’ll find other lessons to help you get started.

After you have gone through these articles and videos, progress to the Basics section.  The Basics section will expand on what you’ve learned here, and keep you moving forward.