Concepts in Classical Guitar Technique

Learning classical guitar technique, we have the form, positions and movements.  And to practice these well, we also need to understand the “what and why” behind our work.

Often, when we understand the larger goals and desired results, our present work makes better sense.  When it does, we’re more likely to take the time and attention to practice well, with focus and awareness.

Classical guitar technique is chiefly defined by the right-hand movements.  The right-hand technique is what sets classical guitar apart from other styles.  On the other hand (forgive the pun), the left hand in classical guitar study is not so different than other styles, if more intentional.

At high levels, technique and phrasing (expressive playing) combine, and they become inseparable. After all, anything expressive we attempt must be performed by the hands.  Still think of technique as the physical movements we use, and optimize for those.

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