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PIMAMI Arpeggio Pattern for Classical Guitar

This common pattern is another “combination pattern”.  This means that we combine our primary arpeggios to come up with longer, more complex patterns (like this one!)

You can graduate to this pattern after mastering the primary arpeggio patterns.

We can think of PIMAMI as a combination of 3 different things:

  • an IMA pattern
  • an AMI pattern
  • an alternation (P to I)

You may notice, this is an elaboration of IMAM (aka AMIM), and is also similar to PIMA.

To play PIMAMI:

  1. P plays, alternates with I
  2. I plays, M and A throw
  3. M plays
  4. A plays, M and I throw
  5. M plays
  6. I plays, alternates with P


When first practicing this one, be sure to take your time and articulate each movement as a “snap” (as opposed to drifting from note to note).

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