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sageworks guitar support review

Sagework Guitar Support Review

With all the guitar supports in the market, the Sagework Guitar Support stands above the rest.

Formerly the “Barnett Guitar Support”, this is perhaps the most versatile and most reliable option.

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How The Sagework Guitar Support Compares to Other Supports

Different guitar supports use different means of propping up the guitar.  So how does the Sagework compare to other common methods?

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Is it adjustable?

Some guitar supports are adjustable, others are not.  Cushions are largely a set height and cannot be adjusted.  Footstools are adjustable, with limited options.  Other supports may adjust via placement (such as the Gitano Guitar Support), or via mechanisms (such as the Ergoplay or Murata).

The Sagework uses two mechanisms.  One to adjust the tilt, and another to adjust the overall height.  This makes it quite versatile.  It allows for many configurations.

Do I have to modify my guitar?

The magnets that the Sagework employs are removable, with no damage to the guitar.  This is in contrast to the guitar strap, which generally requires drilling in an end pin.

Will it affect the sound of my guitar?

No.  To my knowledge, none of the common guitar supports on the market affect the sound quality in any way.

However, the angle at which we hold the guitar can affect the way we play it (which does affect the tone quality).  But the support itself makes no change in sound, volume, or tone.

Will it damage the finish on my guitar?

Some guitar supports have more wear-and-tear than others, depending on your guitar’s finish.  For instance, if your back and sides are finished in a “french polish”, suction cups will eventually strip it off.  French polish can be touched up.  But in the meantime, the suction cups won’t stick as well.

The Sagework does not have this issue, because it uses magnets.  As long as you’re gentle when putting it on (the magnets are strong), it is harmless to the finish.

The contact points of the Sagework Guitar Support are covered in cork.  So it’s very soft on the finish.


Click here to purchase.  Use the discount code GuitarShed10 and save 10% on your entire order.
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2 Responses to Sagework Guitar Support Review

  1. Michael Garcia PhD August 4, 2017 at 10:49 pm #

    Hi Allen, haven’t contacted you in a long time. However, i read your emails and work on the programs.
    Progress is slow because of my painful arthritis in my hands. However, I don’t give up. There’s a saying by James Allen ” Incremental change or learning is better than ambitious failure.”
    I saw the video regarding ,”Sagework”. My question is, how do you get the magnets inside the guitar?
    Hope you are well. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Mike Garcia

    • Allen August 5, 2017 at 7:59 am #

      Hi Mike, Great to hear from you. Sorry to hear of the hand pain.

      There’s a simple process to place the magnets. The instructions are included. To put the magnets in, you loosen or remove your strings, then stick your arm in the sound hole. You do it first without the double-sided tape, mark the location, then apply the tape and re-set the magnets. It seems like a big operation, but it’s pretty straightforward.


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