Sagework Guitar Support Review

With all the guitar supports in the market, the Sagework Guitar Support stands above the rest.

Formerly the “Barnett Guitar Support”, this is perhaps the most versatile and most reliable option.

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How The Sagework Guitar Support Compares to Other Supports

Different guitar supports use different means of propping up the guitar.  So how does the Sagework compare to other common methods?

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Is it adjustable?

Some guitar supports are adjustable, others are not.  Cushions are largely a set height and cannot be adjusted.  Footstools are adjustable, with limited options.  Other supports may adjust via placement (such as the Gitano Guitar Support), or via mechanisms (such as the Ergoplay or Murata).

The Sagework uses two mechanisms.  One to adjust the tilt, and another to adjust the overall height.  This makes it quite versatile.  It allows for many configurations.

Do I have to modify my guitar?

The magnets that the Sagework employs are removable, with no damage to the guitar.  This is in contrast to the guitar strap, which generally requires drilling in an end pin.

Will it affect the sound of my guitar?

No.  To my knowledge, none of the common guitar supports on the market affect the sound quality in any way.

However, the angle at which we hold the guitar can affect the way we play it (which does affect the tone quality).  But the support itself makes no change in sound, volume, or tone.

Will it damage the finish on my guitar?

Some guitar supports have more wear-and-tear than others, depending on your guitar’s finish.  For instance, if your back and sides are finished in a “french polish”, suction cups will eventually strip it off.  French polish can be touched up.  But in the meantime, the suction cups won’t stick as well.

The Sagework does not have this issue, because it uses magnets.  As long as you’re gentle when putting it on (the magnets are strong), it is harmless to the finish.

The contact points of the Sagework Guitar Support are covered in cork.  So it’s very soft on the finish.

The Sagework Guitar Supports offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Magnetic attachments prevents slippage or wear associated with suction cups
  • Fully customization adjustments
  • compact for storage and travel
  • If extra magnets are purchased, you can you the same support on multiple guitars


  • Installation can be quiet difficult and frustrating
  • Moving the magnets or making big changes after installation is very difficult

For more on the Sagework Guitar Support, visit their site directly.

Click here to purchase. Use the discount code CGS2023 and save 10% on your entire order.
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(Description is from Strings by Mail)

The Standard Model of the SageWork Atlas Guitar Support is a unique and practical guitar support., according to our testing at Strings By Mail. Here are the reasons why:

  • It attaches with magnets instead of suction cups or clamps
  • It offers four different adjustment mechanisms to ensure exceptional comfort

The handmade Atlas, and the less expensive and modernized Umbra Standard are the only supports that attaches to your guitar with magnets. Once you find the perfect position for the support, you simply attach two high strength magnets inside your guitar along the lower bout with removable 3M Command Strips. With the magnets in place, the support attaches to the exact same spot on your guitar every time. It attaches and detaches very easily.

The unique use of magnets makes the initial installation a little more involved, but has many advantages. Most important, it ensures a more secure, reliable connection between the support and your guitar than suction cups or some clamps

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