CGS Site Resources – Bonus Material and Downloads

Below you will find links to all the CGS bonus content.

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Curated Sheet Music Collections

  1. 33 Christmas Favorites for Classical Guitar
  2. 33 Christmas Favorites for Classical Guitar (notation only)
  3. 30 Fun and Easy(ish) Pieces for Classical Guitar (w/TABs)
  4. 30 Fun and Easy(ish) Pieces for Classical Guitar (notation only)
  5. Spanish Music Book (w/TABs)
  6. Spanish Music Book (notation only)
  7. Renaissance Music Book (w/TABs)
  8. Renaissance Music Book (notation only)
  9. Musical Navigation Symbols
  10. Baroque Music Book (w/Tabs)
  11. Baroque Music Book (notation only)
  12. Celtic Music Book (w/TABs)
  13. Celtic Music Book (notation only)
  14. 6 Holiday Favorites (sheet music book)

Full Lessons on Pieces:

  1. Bach Bourree
  2. Mertz Maestoso
  3. Aguado Moderato
  4. Carulli Waltz 121-1
  5. Sor Moderato
  6. Carulli Andante 241-5
  7. Spanish Dance
  8. Gypsy Dance (How to Learn Guitar Pieces)
  9. Giuliani Allegro
  10. Sor Study in C
  11. Kuffner Andantino

Practice Aids and Resources

  1. Learn ANY Piece in 7 Easy Steps (Ebook)
  2. Guitar Practice Check-ins and Evaluations
  3. 5 Ingredients of Great Practice
  4. 3 Pillars of Beautiful Playing
  5. RCM Bridges MP3s
  6. Maintaining Your Repertoire
  7. First 20 hours on Classical Guitar
  8. Lessons in Music Theory
  9. 42 Questions for Practice
  10. 35-min. Guided Practice Audio
  11. Sight-Reading Resources
  12. How to Tune Your Guitar
  13. Solve Rhythm Problems in your Pieces
  14. 8 Common Rhythms
  15. What to Practice with a Hurt Hand
  16. Video Review Checklist (Self-Evaluate Your Playing)
  17. Slash Chords
  18. Beginner Toolbox Materials (toolbox page)

Guitar Technique Resources

  1. Arpeggio Course Materials
  2. Scale Variations
  3. Speed Bursts
  4. 5 Scale Shapes
  5. I and M Alternation
  6. Tone Production
  7. Chords Resources
  8. How to Practice Vibrato
  9. Accent Practice Worksheet
  10. Triplet Rhythms Worksheet
  11. Beginning Reading Music Practice
  12. Open-Position Scales
  13. Giuliani’s 120 Right Hand Arpeggios (w/TABs)
  14. Giuliani’s 120 Right Hand Arpeggios (notations only)
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