Classical Guitar Duet Songs

Guitar duets or guitar duos are a fun and exciting way to get started playing music with other people. Choose your parts and off you go!

Some fantastic duos that might bring inspiration are:

  • John Williams and Julian Bream
  • The Assad Brothers
  • The Presti-Lagoya Duo
  • The Beijing Guitar Duo
  • The Brasil Guitar Duo
  • The Abreu Brothers

Hop on Youtube. You might spend hours listening to the wonderful guitar duets these musicians bring to life.

There are many pieces written for guitar duo by such great composers as Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Fernando Sor, and Astor Piazzolla.

There are many advantages of having two guitars play together. One is the ability to make arrangements and transcriptions that are not possible for the solo guitar. For example, many pieces for piano or orchestra have been arranged for two guitars.

You can find arrangements of popular pieces from composers such as Claude Debussy, J.S. Bach, Maurice Ravel, Franz Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, and many others. These have been made possible by the combination of 2 guitars and 12 strings.

Guitar Duet Sheet Music and TABS:

Beginner-Level Easy Guitar Duets

Early-Intermediate Level Guitar Duets

Intermediate Level Guitar Duets

Find the entire Free Sheet Music Collection here

The Sheet Music and TABs found here are free to you if you’d like to study this fantastic repertoire. If you perform or record it, please attribute the arrangement to Allen Mathews or

We are adding to this collection periodically. So if you have any suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us share your thoughts. Enjoy!

Tips for Practicing and Playing Guitar Duets

If you are playing guitar duets, here are tips you may enjoy:

Learn Your Part – Practicing and learning guitar duets is a different experience than learning solo music. Learn your part well so you can play it when you get together.

Practice Together Often – If you have a dedicated musical partner, rehearse as much as possible. Not only does it benefit you musically, it also gets easier over time.

Communicate Musical Ideas – Talk about the phrasing. Discuss volume dynamics and timing. Decide together where you’ll get louder and softer. And where you are going to speed up and slow down. Mark your music (in pencil!) and study scores together. All of this will deepen your musical experience.

Practice with a Metronome – Is something not coming together quite right? Spend some time with a metronome and see if you can find out the trouble spots and fix things. In many ways, practicing with a metronome is similar to practicing with another person. Get good at metronome practice and you’ll find playing guitar duets comes more easily. You can do this both alone and with your partner.

Record Yourself – Audio and video recording is a very useful tool. You get to apprise yourself and get an honest idea of what is working and what still needs work. This is marvelous preparation for performance.

You can record at the end of the practice session. Then wait a day or two before listening. This way you can listen with fresh ears. Make notes of your successes and of what needs work.

You can also share a recording of your part with your partner, and vice versa. This is wonderful for practice.

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