Memory and Memorization in Classical Guitar Music

To master the classical guitar, it helps to memorize music. This gives myriad benefits, including the ability to focus on things other than the notes. But how do we memorize music?

There are many methods to memorizing music and developing musical memory.  Here are few places to start:

  • How to Learn Classical Guitar Pieces – Memory begins with effective learning.  Use this formula to learn new music, and you’ll be halfway there.  Tip: test your memory after each step.
  • How (and Why) to Memorize Guitar Music – This lesson will offer technique you can use in practice to actively memorize your music.
  • How to Increase Recall – This is a simple practice tip that will help you memorize music much more quickly.  Many people miss this, and struggle more with memory than necessary.
  • How to Test Your Musical Memory – This is a fun list of 50 ways to test musical memory.  If you think you have something memorized, give it a go!

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