Musical Problem-Solving Methods and Techniques

In most pieces, we find one or more areas that give us trouble.  So a big part of practice is solving these problems.  Problem-solving is a practice skill we develop over time.  We learn many approaches, and tailor our practice to the problem at hand.

Here are problem-solving strategies that work in a wide variety of situations:

  • The 7-Step Process to Learn Pieces – This same process can be used for problem solving.  It’s a great first tactic for most any problem. This article is a tutorial on a sample piece, demonstrating each step.
  • The “Add-a-Note” Method – This simple practice method can eliminate issues, one note at a time.
  • How to Video Yourself in Practice – Video is one of the most powerful tools for solving problems.  We can often spot the issue when watching ourselves playing.

See also “Polishing” lessons for more ideas on smoothing out the rough spots.

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