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MusoMirror Music Stand Mirror Review

One of the reasons we take lessons from teachers is to get a different perspective on our playing.

We use the feedback to make small corrections and move forward in our abilities.

But we can also use practice-room tools to get useful information to inform practice.

A Mirror is Practice Tool

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I’ve written elsewhere on using mirrors to help with classical guitar practice. Suffice it to say that they can be a

valuable addition to any practice space.

When we’re in the moment of playing, we can slip into habits, movements or positions that we know are not the best. But our focus is on something else, so we don’t notice.

Using a mirror or video can help us to make the most of what we already know.

The problem with using a mirror in practice is usually one of convenience:

“Is there a mirror already in front of me?  No? Well then maybe next time.”

Then next time there isn’t a mirror there either, and the benefits never come to fruition.

The MusoMirror Music Stand Mirror

One option for a permanent and convenient practice-room mirror is the MusoMirror. It clamps to the music stand

(or anything else), and gives a front-and-center view of how we’re using our hands.

How it Works

The MusoMirror clamps to most any music stand, table, or other furniture.

It has three joints, so you can angle it into the perfect position. This also let’s you move it at will to get a different


You can clamp it onto your stand, and have a constant reminder of your movements and positions.

Materials: It’s NOT Glass

The MusoMirror is made of thick plexiglass, so it won’t break like glass.

The hardware is thick metal, and feels very stable and well-constructed.

3 Models to Choose From

The deluxe model has a music tray, as well as an extra, fold-down tray for an ipad, tablet, or additional music.

It also allows for a 90 degree rotation to portait (from the default landscape) orientation.

The middle model has the main tray, but not the tablet side-tray.

The basic MusoMirror is the mirror surface, and the clamp (no tray). It has all the positioning options of the

higher models, except for the portrait orientation.


A Tool for Teachers

The MusoMirror could also be beneficial in a teaching environment.

A teacher could better see what a student was doing. And students could see their own playing, or a different view

of a teacher demonstration.

h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Where to Get the MusoMirror

To buy a MusoMirror, click here.

And if you use the coupon code:   GUITAR   at checkout, you’ll save 10% (a special offer for CGS readers!)

Note: They are in the UK (price is in pounds), but do ship to the US.

(Full disclosure: I receive a small percentage of the sale price when you use this link. But I only recommend

products I use and believe in, and it doesn’t cost you the purchaser any extra.)

Whether you purchase a MusoMirror or not, you can certainly improve your practice with a well-placed mirror.

But the MusoMirror is the ever-present reminder that will help you focus on technique.

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One Response to MusoMirror Music Stand Mirror Review

  1. Bonita Majonis December 16, 2017 at 3:34 pm #

    Sticker shock! As far as I can tell from my currency converter app, the basic model–no lip, no tablet attachment will cost around $130 Canadian. And that doesn’t include shipping. I downloaded a mirror app for my iPad for about two dollars; and of course there is Walmart, etc. for real mirrors. Also, I have a short music stand, and a mirror does not work for me unless I put it on the stand itself.

    Not worth the price.

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