The Slipping Guitar – How to Keep Your Guitar From Sliding Down Your Leg

The guitar is funny instrument. It is oddly shaped. It’s big. We have to maintain an asymmetrical sitting position just to play it.

So when decide to learn guitar, we sign up for small inconveniences and quirks.

One of these is the common occurrence of the guitar slipping off your lap. This can be extremely distracting….

How to Stop Your Guitar From Sliding Down Your Leg

When using a guitar support (such as the Sagework Guitar Support), we have more than one option available.

Option #1: Increase Friction to Stop the Guitar Slide

First, we can use a piece of slip-resistant material. Laid on the leg, this creates more friction between guitar support and leg.

Some people also use rubber, from an old bicycle inner tube.

Others use a goatskin shammy. These are often marketed as a way to buff automobiles to an impressive shine.

And many people also use drawer-liner. This is a foam-like material. It’s sold in department and kitchen stores to line kitchen drawers. These come in a variety of colors, and one sheet of this is enough for an entire guitar orchestra.

Players have used silicon gel, spray adhesives, and numerous other products as well.

All these strategies seek to increase friction.

Option #2: Use a Piece of String to Hold Your Guitar Tight to Your Body

Another way, and the subject of the video above, is to use a piece of string. You can tie one end of the string to your guitar support.

Then, lay the rest of the string across your chair or stool, and sit on it.

Pull the tail of the string tight, and your guitar is secured against your body.

If you use black string, it may be less visible against dark pants.

This is an easy trick to keep your guitar from sliding down your leg.

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