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Free Guitar Music Julio SagrerasAbout Julio Sagreras, Guitarist and Composer

Julio Salvador Sagreras, born on November 22, 1879, was a renowned Argentine guitarist, teacher, and music composer.

He hailed from Buenos Aires, where his parents, both accomplished guitarists themselves, introduced him to the guitar at a very young age. His father, Gaspar Sagreras, played a significant role in his early musical education. By the tender age of six, Julio Sagreras was already performing in public concerts.

At the age of twelve, Sagreras began to explore other facets of music, diving into piano and composition studies. His talent was evident, and he rapidly excelled in his musical pursuits. By 1899, he had become a guitar professor at the prestigious Academia de Bellas Artes.

In Buenos Aires, Sagreras crossed paths with Francisco Nuñez, a publisher. This meeting proved to be fruitful, as Nuñez went on to publish a significant number of Sagreras’ compositions – a total of over one hundred pieces. Sagreras’ ambition led him to establish his own school, the Academia de Guitarra, in 1905.

Between 1900 and 1936, Sagreras was a frequent figure in concert halls and salons. His performances were not limited to live audiences; he also participated in radio broadcasts, sharing his music with a broader audience. His contributions to music, however, were not limited to his performances and compositions.  (continued below)

Sheet Music By Julio Sagreras


Early-Intermediate Sheet Music By Sagreras

Intermediate Sheet Music by Sagreras

Advanced Sheet Music by Sagreras


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The Sagreras Guitar Method

Perhaps one of Sagreras’ most notable contributions to the world of guitar was his meticulously crafted guitar instruction series. This series, spread across seven books, methodically guides the student from the beginner level right up to the advanced stage.

The series has been praised for its thoughtfulness and progressive nature, to the point where it’s often said that a student could effectively teach themselves by following Sagreras’ method.

Famous Guitar Pieces by Sagreras

Sagreras’ compositions were also well-received and continue to be celebrated in the world of guitar music. “Lecciones …” is one of his most famous works, often used as a teaching tool for budding guitarists.

Other notable pieces include “Maria Luisa,” a beautiful mazurka, “El Zorzal,” an Estilo, and “Violetas,” a waltz. His work “El Colibri” stands out for its virtuosity, showcasing the depth of Sagreras’ talent.

These pieces, among others, reflect the breadth of Sagreras’ talent and his profound influence on the world of guitar music.


Despite his death on July 20, 1942, Julio Sagreras’ legacy continues to thrive.

His compositions, teachings, and contributions to the guitar have left an indelible mark on music, shaping generations of guitarists and music enthusiasts around the world.

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