Classical Guitar Exercises

Exercises allow us to develop stronger, more facile hands.  Not only do we build strength, but also flexibility, dexterity, and control.  Here are a few exercises to aid your classical guitar progress.

  1. Rasgueados – Rasgueados are a Spanish strumming technique.  But when done with both hands, off the guitar, they are a powerful exercise.  They add control and muscle, while also developing independence.
  2. Slurs – “Hammer-ons and Pull-offs” are perhaps the best exercise for the left hand on guitar.  Not only do they build control and strength, but they are also used in music.
  3. Independence Exercises – These exercises are specifically designed to increase finger independence.

Scales and Arpeggios as Classical Guitar Exercises

  • Scales – Scales are wonderful for both hands.  They synchronize the hands and build speed and dexterity.
  • Arpeggios – “Finger-picking patterns” are a big part of classical guitar technique.  They can also be used as right-hand exercise.

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